The simplest and most powerful online raffle software in BC

We make it easier to raise more money

  • We give you more reach
    • Sell your tickets province-wide 24/7
    • Onboard volunteers quickly and get cash sales faster and easier
    • Spreading the word is as easy as sharing a link
  • Detailed data and analytics
    • Find out what's working and what isn't
    • Keep tabs on cash collected by your volunteers
    • Know your numbers at a glance in real-time
  • Intuitive Dashboard
    • Track and compare from raffle to raffle
    • Easily export compliant accounting reports
    • Streamline your licensing application process
  • Pricing

    Free Trial Raffle
    • No setup fees
    • Simple, beautiful and easy to use dashboard
    • Cash and credit sales support
    • Best security in the industry
    • Low credit card processing rates
    • Run multiple raffles simultaneously
    • Free Trial Raffle up to 4 months in duration
    • *Flat fee on subsequent raffles run
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    We help you raise more so you can make a bigger impact.

    Let us make your fundraising life easier.

    A little about us.

    Our team met at Lighthouse Labs in Vancouver and have set out on a mission to help the third sector thrive through technology. We're going to donate a portion of our net profits to charities and let our users decide where the money goes!